Under Her Mantle – Heirloom larimar and bronze rosary


Straight outta grandma’s attic, adorable vintage looking rosary dedicated to Mary and her protection.

This rosary is TINY, the beads are much smaller than my standard rosaries. This listing is for this EXACT rosary. Comes with a genuine leather rosary pouch, hand stamped with the Marian Monogram.


Scroll down to learn about the symbolism of the design and what makes it heirloom.

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We spend so much of our lives trying to do everything ourselves, convinced that we are only worthy if we are productive or can do everything perfectly. 

But Mary longs to help you see how much God loves you, that all He desires is for you to rest with Him. 

She longs to show you how He will take care of everything, just as He took care of her. He provided during the uncertainty of the Annunciation, the cold of the Nativity, the poverty of the Flight into Egypt, the worry before the Finding, the agony of the Crucifixion, the hope for the Resurrection.

She has been through it all, and she throws out her mantle like a blanket and envelops you, keeping you safe from the torrent of fear and worry.

As you pray with this rosary, snuggle close to Mary. As you pass from one blue bead to the next, reflect on all the ways Mary trusted, the varied trials that won for her the glorious blue mantle of God’s unending grace. 


On the heirloom style:

Once I made the first amber rosary with the small-loop wire-wrapped links, I realized I really enjoy the soft repetition of linking bead after bead into a chain. And I absurdly loved how it looked and felt. I finally found a truly heirloom method of rosary making that actually looked good.

Now, you may be thinking, what’s the big deal with this wire wrapping?

So, if you notice on each bead link, there are two wraps between the loop and the bead. This is the wire turning back on itself and making it so the link NEVER opens up. That means no pulling it out of the rosary pouch only to find it in three pieces.

It’s a rosary that is literally meant to be heirloom. My other rosaries are sturdy, but this one should never need to come back to me.

One caveat off the bat about that though. You still have to take good care of your rosary.

So PLEASE remember that all things can break with excessive use. Under normal, conscientious use, there will be no spontaneous breaking of these links, but, for instance, if you keep this rosary in a tight pocket every day, all day and get it crushed under you or against something, a link can bend and bend and bend and then break, or, even worse, the bead can break.

These repairs can be made, and I would be delighted to do so, but as time goes on, I might not have extra beads or I might be gone. So do be gentle and take good care of your rosary. (If you want a truly unbreakable rosary, get a knotted cord rosary without medals.)



5mm light blue larimar quartz Hail Mary beads

6mm blue apatite Our Father beads

4mm copper hematite spacers

solid bronze wire, 22 ga

tiny Miraculous Medal solid bronze centerpiece

tiny crucifixion scene solid bronze crucifix

centerpiece and crucifix made from casts of authentic vintage Catholic medals. The detail is stunning, and the bronze will last without changing.

Bronze is the cost effective alternative to sterling silver – it has the longevity at a fraction of the price.

This listing is for this exact rosary shown in the photos. The beads themselves are MUCH SMALLER than my standard rosaries. THIS ROSARY IS PETITE, ADORABLE, TINY. The beads are stones, so it does have some weight to it, but at this size it is slight.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


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