The Flight into Egypt


The first of the Seven Sorrows of Mary, and God’s plan to fulfill the prophecy: “Out of Egypt I have called my Son” (Hosea 11:1, Mt 2:15)


Paper or canvas print, drop shipped from an accredited giclee archival print company, this print will retain its colors for 100 years. Please note that drop shipping can take up to 5 days to ship, and that larger prints always take longer. Thank you for your patience!!!

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As the Holy Family leaves the lush security of their homeland for the dry, harsh unknown of Egypt, Joseph leads and protects the Holy Family. Staff in hand, guiding the donkey, he looks back at his bride and the miracle of the God-Man nestled in her arms. His face is in turns filled with love, concern, determination, and sorrow (the Flight into Egypt is one of the Seven Sorrows of Mary). He wears the brown of humility and poverty (and the color of carpentry) and green for his fidelity to God.

Mary nurtures and serves our Lord with great simplicity and devotion. Depending on how you look at her, her face is sorrowing, or unconcerned, or a half smile tugs at one side of her mouth, Her only concentration is on Jesus, trusting fully in Joseph to guide them to safety. She lifts the handkerchief, ready to wipe any snot off the face of Jesus. She wears red symbolizing Jesus’ future death on the Cross, and her participation in His sufferings as His Mother and the New Eve, and blue for Heaven, grace, and her royalty as Queen of Heaven. It also symbolizes her humanity being covered in the Divinity of God as He condescended to her womb.

Jesus leans in on Mary’s chest, absolutely unconcerned about anything. Though He is God, from the moment of His conception, He is fully Man as well. In both He completely trusts His earthly parents to take care of Him and His Heavenly Father to ensure their safety.

Nature itself converges on the Living God. The clouds arching down on Mary and Jesus, the grass on the left leaning far over, while the grass on the right is almost pulled back in response to their Creator.


Painted as a commission by a couple as model of marriage, Joseph leads and protects the Holy Family, while Mary nurtures and protects the Child Jesus. In the union of both, the Child is secure and is protected from the dangers of this world. In the Flight into Egypt we can learn so much of the will of God for family life.


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Smaller prints will be cropped – please see the mock-up of the small photo frame next to the flowers for an example of the cropping of either side of the painting. 16×20 and 24×36 will have no cropping.



Canvas prints can either be shipped rolled, or pre-stretched on a 1.5” deep gallery wrap.

Rolled canvas is ideal if you plan to add a conventional frame. When you go to your custom framing store (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, a local store), the stretching and framing will be combined into one purchase and will save you money at the end. Please note with the rolled version, there is no added border – it is simply white. Hence it is ideal for a conventional frame as that will be hidden anyway.

If you plan to display it without a frame, buying the pre-stretched canvas is ideal as has mirrored wrapped edges so the image will continue around the sides without cropping, and will save you a trip to the framing store.

If you plan to add a canvas floater frame, I would still suggest getting the pre-stretched canvas as it will have that mirrored edge. On a floater frame you can see some of the edge of a canvas, and you wouldn’t want that edge to be bright white.

For any questions, feel free to email me at!


Purchase does not include frame.

Staging photos are not necessarily accurate representations of the size of the image, but simply give an idea of the image in a room. Please measure your actual wall before deciding.

Images subject to copyright, copyright Monica Skrzypczak. Do not reproduce without explicit written permission. To use the image in print at your parish, or any other use, feel free to email me with the project and number of copies estimated for a quote on a temporary license.

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