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St. Therese of Lisieux


Hand painted and restored statue of the Little Flower. Scroll down to learn about the repair and the statue!


Statue size: 8.25″ tall by 2″ wide and 2.5″ deep

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Salvaged from a thrift store, St. Therese was horribly air brushed (my favorite kind of finds) four solid colors without any added definition. Extremely well loved, she was chipped and banged up everywhere that stuck out.

Now repaired, all the dents have been filled and recarved with new plaster, filling in her cracked veil and finger, sleeve and nose and everywhere else.

Carefully hand painted, Therese’s habit is now a more faithful Carmelite brown, and her wimple (the white fabric around her face) comes down her forehead in the traditional fashion. Her face now has a small, knowing smile, quirked up in a grin while her eyes are soft and encouraging.

Through multiple layers, the roses spill out of Therese’s hands in a vibrant maroon detailed with tiny green leaves, mirroring the field of tiny pink flowers she is standing on.

Varnished three times with a matte varnish, this statue is easy to clean with soap and water and a soft cloth, without fear of ruining the paint and will withstand general handling and bumps.

This statue is plaster which means if you bump it on a harder surface it will dent or chip, so be careful how you handle it. If you drop it it will break into several large pieces, making it an easier repair than porcelain. Should this happen, gather everything you can and send me an email and I’ll quote you the repair cost or, if it’s a simple break, walk you through an at home repair.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in


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Your Impact

For every order, 10% of all proceeds will go to organizations who provide resources to at risk women before and after birth.

The first is The Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford. They area a local organization to me,  providing resources and care for free to women in crisis pregnancies, from ultrasounds to parenting classes to post abortion healing.

The second is the Sisters of Life, a newer religious community founded in 1991 in New York to promote the dignity of every human life. They have houses for women to come live with them during and after their pregnancy as they get back on their feet, as well as counseling for post abortion healing, and other missions.

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Hi! I’m Monica Skrzypczak; an oil painter and rosary maker with a passion for creating beauty and bringing faith into every home. Feel free to contact me to commission a painting or a custom rosary!

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