St. Rose of Lima

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Famed Dominican Tertiary of the Americas. Read all about her life and the painting itself below!


Original oil painting on unstretched canvas. Comes ready to hang with a LIGHT TAN walnut wood frame. Apologies as I have not had the chance to rephotograph it with the correct, in stock frame, but in the interest of the clearance I’m just rolling with it.

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On the painting:
Painted with oil paint on a primed, heavyweight canvas, the painted part measures roughly 8×10, and the canvas overall at roughly 10×12. Comes with the simple wood frame shown in the photos which hangs on your wall with string threaded through the top bar. Frame is attached with magnets and provides that finishing touch besides making it possible to hang.

Can you get this painting stretched on canvas bars and traditionally framed? Probably – let me know if you do, I would love to see pictures! I do not finish them this way because the rough edge is by design and provides its own charm and character.

On the reference: Painted from a public domain painting (Carlo Dolci 1587-1617) of the saint, copyright for this particular rendition remains with me, Monica Skrzypczak. Do not copy without permission, post as you would desire on social media, but be sure to tag @outpouringoftrust.sacredart

No prints will be made of any Saint paintings.


On the Saint:

Despite being depicted in a Dominican habit, Rose was a lay woman living in the secular world as a Third Order Dominican. She wore the habit of a tertiary, a common practice that phased out after Vatican II. Now tertiaries are more often called Lay Dominicans (or Lay Franciscans, ect) and do not wear a habit. Tertiaries make promises similar to religious vows but not binding under pain of sin, or they’ll make private vows.

Born in Peru to a Spanish Calvary soldier and native Peruvian, Isabel was nicknamed Rose when a servant saw her infant face transform into the flower. She took the name fully upon her Confirmation.

Rose was known to fast three times a week and perform severe penances in emulation of St. Catherine of Siena. When boys began to take an interest in her because of her great beauty, Rose cut off her hair and burned her face knowing that she wanted to consecrate her whole life to Jesus as a single woman. She refused all romantic advances, much to the consternation of her family and friends.

Rose loved the Eucharist, going to Mass every day (amazing as it was extremely rare in the 1500’s to be able to receive daily as a layperson) and spending long hours contemplating the Blessed Sacrament.

Her parents were greatly distressed by her piety, wanting her to get married and live a normal life. Finally her father gave up and gave her a room in their house to live.

Rose spent the rest of her life helping the poor and sick by bringing them to her room, selling needlework and flowers to help support her family and the poor, fasting daily and abstaining from meat. She stayed at home except to go to Mass, effectively becoming a hermit.

Eventually the local Dominican friars found out about her, and she wanted to become a nun, but her father forbade it, so she insisted on at least becoming a tertiary.

At 20 years old she received the habit and made a private vow of virginity. For the next 11 years until her death, she slept only two hours so as to be able to pray more, and took to wearing a heavy silver crown with small spikes inside that would emulate the Crown of Thorns.

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