[SOLD] St. Kateri Tekakwitha

The Lily of the Mohawks. Read all about her life and the painting itself below!


Original oil painting on unstretched canvas. Comes ready to hang with a LIGHT TAN walnut wood frame. Apologies as I have not had the chance to rephotograph it with the correct, in stock frame, but in the interest of the clearance I’m just rolling with it.


On the painting:
Painted with oil paint on a primed, heavyweight canvas, the painted part measures roughly 8×10, and the canvas overall at roughly 10×12. Comes with the simple wood frame shown in the photos which hangs on your wall with string threaded through the top bar. Frame is attached with magnets and provides that finishing touch besides making it possible to hang!

Can you get this painting stretched on canvas bars and traditionally framed? Probably – let me know if you do, I would love to see pictures! I do not finish them this way because the rough edge is by design and provides its own charm and character.

On the reference: Painted from a combo of other paintings of the saint, copyright for this particular rendition remains with me, Monica Skrzypczak. Do not copy without permission, post as you would desire on social media, but be sure to tag @outpouringoftrust.sacredart

No prints will be made of any Saint paintings.


On the Saint:

When Kateri was just four years old, a small pox epidemic swept her Mohawk village, killing her parents and brother and leaving her with face scared and her eyesight poor. She was given the name Tekakwitha which means “she who bumps into things” as a result.

The Jesuits recalled that she avoided social interactions and covered her head with a blue blanket to hide her scars. As an orphan, her uncle, who took her in, wasn’t the most interested of parents, but he made sure she was taken care of.

He arranged for her marriage, but she refused – she was already coming to know Christ from the missionaries and wanted to be a perpetual virgin, living a single life totally for Jesus.

Her uncle was bitterly opposed to Christianity as one of his elder daughters had left for a Catholic mission. Over the next years until Kateri was 18, many of the Iroquois converted, though education in the faith was kept from Kateri because of her uncle.

Her uncle eventually relented and when she was 19, Kateri was baptized and took the name Kateri after St. Catherine of Siena.

She spent the next 6 months living in her village before the ridicule and slander because of her conversion became too much. She followed countless other native converts, including her cousin, to the Catholic village in Montreal.

She spent the remainder of her life – only about three years – in prayer, fasting, and mortification for the conversion of the Mohawks. She was known for her kindness, gentleness, and good humor.

It was at this village that Kateri received her First Communion and received practical instruction on living the faith. Upon learning of religious sisters, Kateri took a formal vow of virginity saying “I have deliberated enough. For a long time my decision on what I will do has been made. I have consecrated myself entirely to Jesus, son of Mary, I have chosen Him for husband and He alone will take me for wife.”

She died right before her 24th birthday. Witnesses reported that within a few minutes of her passing, the scars that had disfigured her face disappeared completely and her face shone.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in


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