(SOLD) Notre Dame Du Cap

Hand painted and restored statue of Our Lady of the Cape, a Marian statue of the same name located in Canada. Scroll down to learn about the repair and the statue!


Statue size: 9.25″ tall by 3″ wide and 2.75″ deep

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On the Statue:

Found on Ebay, I immediately fell in love with this statue. The detailing in the crown and mantle and Immaculate Heart were too beautiful to pass by. However, the original paint was chipped and faded, leaving our Lady looking dull and uncared-for.

The damage was not deep, so the restoration consisted in a careful repaint where I elected to make everything brighter and bolder – emphasizing the deep blue of the mantle and the full color rendition of the Immaculate Heart, while her dress is a soft cream and the gold glistens in the light. The contrast makes her the centerpiece of any home altar.

Through many many layers, soft transitions add a volume to the statue that was not seen in the original paint job.

Technically the Immaculate Heart is supposed to be gold, however by the time I realized that this wasn’t a statue of Our Lady of Grace (It finally occurred to me that the “N.D.” stands for Notre Dame) and looked up it’s origin I already had painted it in color. Take it as artistic license.

Varnished three times with a matte varnish, this statue is easy to clean with soap and water and a soft cloth, without fear of ruining the paint and will withstand general handling and bumps.

This statue is plaster which means if you bump it on a harder surface it will dent or chip, so be careful how you handle it. If you drop it it will break into several large pieces, making it an easier repair than porcelain. Should this happen, gather everything you can and send me an email and I’ll quote you the repair cost or, if it’s a simple break, walk you through an at home repair.


On the title of Mary:

Our Lady of the Cape is a title of Mary given to a miraculous statue located in Cap-de-ka-Madeleine in Quebec Canada. Marian devotion was strong in this town since its creation in 1694. Through the next centuries the chapel would be repaired and rebuilt multiple times to accommodate the increase in parishioners.

In 1854 a parishioner donated the statue of Mary, modeled off Our Lady of Grace, in hope of her protection.

The miracle attributed to Our Lady happened in 1878 when they decided to relocate the entire church and increase its size. They had planned to sled the stones over the river during the winter when it would be frozen, however winter was mild and the river never froze.

The pastor instructed the faithful to pray the rosary for an ice bridge, and promised Our Lady that he would rededicate the church to her (it was previously dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene) if she obtained this favor. mary came through and chunks of ice floated down the river forming a bridge across. The parishioners spent the next few days pouring water on the ice to thicken it and the church was rebuilt on schedule. It is now the church dedicated to Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, and the statue there resides to this day.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in


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