Commission a Statue repair/repaint

This listing is to show you past commissions and sold restorations as you decide if you want me to take on your project. Click the magnifying glass to see the photos full size.

FOR A RESTORATION: Email me at with photos of your statue from as many angles as possible, especially showing any repair needs. Be sure to include at least the height, but also the width and depth of the statue.

Restoration costs depend on height of statue, number of figures, and level of repair needed.

Payment will be split in half – half before beginning the work and half upon completion before shipping. If needed, we can split the payment more as long as its all in before shipping. A restoration can take from a minimum of a month to several months depending on the needs of your statue and how busy I am with other projects.

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Crucifix 1 (plaster) – The one with just two images. This crucifix was one of my first restorations, done on our house crucifix in college. There was missing a huge chunk out of Jesus’ arm and it had a lot of general wear and tear. After consulting with my housemates we decided that I would not only give Jesus a richer and more accurate flesh tone, but I would also move His pierced side to the proper side, and make just two drops – the blood and water which gushed forth. Additionally, all the colors were changed to be more vibrant (hair, crown of thorns, loincloth, and especially the blood drops).

Crucifix 2 (plaster) – The one with three images. After I restored the first crucifix, the men’s house contacted me to restore their broken crucifix. Originally it wasn’t this broken – it broke more in shipping, but I was going to repair it anyway so it wasn’t a big deal. Again, when we talked we decided to do a full color Jesus, instead of the ivory of the original corpus, and again the pierced side was moved to the proper side (by the way, this is mainly from looking at the Shroud of Turin but also it has symbolism rooted in the parable of separating the sheep and goats).

St. Cecelia (resin) – A thrift store find, St. Cecelia was originally an angel statue but her wings had broken off and she looked so much like St. Cecelia I didn’t even realize it was an angel until I turned her around. This was a restoration for the shop and is now sold, so I only had to consult myself for the restoration choices. I ended up keeping the same color scheme since it works for St. Cecelia (red for martyrdom, blue for heaven, white for purity), but veered completely away from those ghastly neon colors. I also went in with an exacto knife and touched up the carving where the original cast was messed up so the details would pop out better, and added her name to the base since St. Cecelia isn’t so well known that you would guess correctly right away if you aren’t familiar with the Saints.

Mary Holy Water Font (porcelain) – This was a personal project and a very early repaint. I loved the tenderness of the original Mary, but wanted the blues to pop out more vibrantly and not look so obviously air brushed. While I was repainting I ended up darkening Mary’s skin and hair, making her look less cherubic and more real, and added dark accents to her halo really making the carved detail pop out more.


There are a few more restorations currently in the works, check out my Instagram and Facebook (@outpouringoftrust) to see the work! I’ll add to this listing as they are completed.


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