Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows

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The Seven Sorrows chaplet rosary walks through the Seven Sorrows of Mary. The perfect Lent devotional. Durable wire construction means this chaplet will last a long long time. Makes a great Catholic confirmation gift. 


Two designs are available:
“Gate of Heaven” (POLISHED lapis lazuli, blue) – The perfect Marian blue speckled with sparkling pyrite makes these beads look like the heavens and Mary’s title Gate of Heaven. (yes, it’s the same beads as the rosary of the same name)

“Her Sorrows and Tears” (onyx and agate, black) – The color of sorrow for sins, the traditional color of the Seven Sorrows Chaplet, Our Lady has asked us to meditate on her sorrows and tears in this chaplet.

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Our Lady of Sorrows is our comforter. She is our mother who suffers with us as we go through this hard life.

Through watching her Son die the terrible death of the Cross, Mary entered completely into Jesus’ sufferings and felt them in her most pure heart as a sword stabbing in.

Mary knows suffering.

When sorrows beset us (in deaths, persecutions, trials, sickness, and everything else), know that you can call on Mary as a Mother and tell her everything. Though she was perfect and sinless, she still knows pain and sorrow.

Go to her with your pain. And remember that Jesus redeems it all. Ask her to help you understand how Jesus suffered. Ask her about her sorrows. And tell her yours. She so longs to know you and love you for she is your Mother. And she longs to bring you to her Son who makes all things new.

Like the rosary, the Seven Sorrows Chaplet meditates on the life of Jesus and Mary, but this time through Mary’s Seven Sorrows. The sorrows – or swords – harken back to the Prophecy of Simeon when he said “and you yourself a sword shall pierce” when talking of the sufferings of her Son. The number seven has the Biblical symbolism of completeness and so the Servites chose these seven sorrows as The Seven Sorrows.

They are:
1. The Prophecy of Simeon
2. The Flight into Egypt
3. The Loss of the Child Jesus in the Temple
4. Mary Meets Jesus on the Way to Calvary
5. Mary Stands at the Foot of the Cross
6. Mary Receives the Dead Body of Jesus in Her Arms
7. The Body of Jesus is Placed in the Tomb


The prayers of the chaplet are included in a pamphlet (see the photos), but overall the chaplet is very similar to a rosary – at the medal announce the Sorrow and pray an Our Father, then pray a Hail Mary on the next seven beads. There’s an intro and concluding prayer and the simple prayer “O Merciful Mother, remind us always about the Sorrows of your Son, Jesus.” instead of a Glory Be at the end of each “decade”. 


Having it’s origins in the 1200’s with the Servite order, this chaplet has a resurgence of popularity since the 1980’s when Our Lady appeared in Rwanda as Our Lady of Kibeho asking for this devotion to be spread. This apparition to three school children was approved by the Church in 2001.


Fund fact about lapis lazuli – it is the stone that painters would grind up for the blue pigment that was so often used for Mary in paintings. It’s the perfect Marian blue because it literally is The Marian blue.


This chaplet is assembled with 49-strand steel beading wire, crimping beads, and wire protectors, so it is super strong and will last a lifetime of use. While I do strength test every rosary, it is still a handmade piece and prone to human error. So, should it break, simply gather all the beads you can find and contact me and I’ll gladly repair it for you for free sans shipping and the replacement of major parts (if you loose the spacers, don’t even worry about it).

The beads are stone and have a weight to them, which I always find helps me really focus when I’m praying. They also take on the ambient temperature of the room- so in winter I usually find my rosary to be a little chilly- just another reminder that you’re praying! But they also quickly warm up from your body heat.

The beading wire stretches slightly as it is used (this is normal) so you will still be able to slide the beads along as you pray.


Features of the rosary:

Centerpiece: 1″x5/8″ Miraculous Medal with angels nickel silver centerpiece

Seven Sorrows medals: 3/4″x 1/2″ detailed nickel silver

Hail Mary beads: 8mm polished or matte lapis lazuli, 8mm brecciated jasper, 8mm polished onyx and matte black agate

Spacers: black czech glass seed beads, silver plated spacers and bead caps or copper bead caps


Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1 in

Gate of Heaven (blue lapis lazuli), Her Sorrows and Tears (black agate)

2 reviews for Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows

  1. Sharon

    I had purchased this “At the Foot of the Cross” version, and love it. Although the other version colors are pretty, I found the red and black brecciated jasper beads fit my idea of the sorrows. The stones are cool this time of year, but heat up quickly in my hands. The chaplet well made, and looks like it will last a very long time.

  2. Diana Meeker

    I’m so delighted with this beautiful Seven Sorrows Chaplet. Not only are the polished lapis lazuli beads gorgeous and the larger medals very detailed, but the small medals between each Sorrow make it easy to recall and meditate on the mournful event depicted. The rosary was well packaged along with a blue rosary case, a note from Monica, a business card with some of her charming Holy Family artwork, and a most helpful brochure with instructions for praying the Chaplet, meditations for each “Sword of Sorrow,” and cover artwork depicting the Blessed Mother cradling her crucified Son. These were thoughtful additions to a very beautiful rosary crafted with focused spirituality and a concern for impeccable workmanship. Now I feel so inspired and well-prepared to enter into the Seven Sorrows devotion. I just love this rosary!

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