Chaplet of St. Joan of Arc


Beautiful Chaplet to Saint Joan of Arc, the patron saint of France. Durable wire construction means this chaplet will last a long long time. Makes a great Catholic confirmation gift or Godmother Goddaughter gift.

“Martyrdom” – rusty red grass quartz and honey quartz

“Fidelity” – green serpentine jasper and white African opal

“Humility” – blue glass and semitransparent white agate


Chaplet comes with a silk bag and printed instructions! If you want to see a different color, feel free to reach out for a custom order!

In the unlikely event that this chaplet should break, simply gather all the beads you can find and email me. You only pay for shipping and the replacement of missing parts; major beads and the medals.


How to pray:

Begin on the medal with the Sign of the Cross reciting, “Incline unto my aid, Oh God! Oh Lord, make haste to help me! Amen.” and a “Glory Be”

On each of the first two white beads say an “Our Father” and the prayer: “Saint Joan of Arc, immolated as a victim of the burning stake, pray that I may also become a victim by the faithful practice of all my duties as they pertain to me during my whole life.”

On group of five beads, say a “Hail Mary” for each bead.

On the divisional bead, pray an “Our Father”, and then recite, “Saint Joan of Arc, with you, I only wish to find my delight in practicing humility, charity, and penance, and all the virtues necessary to gain entrance into Heaven. Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us!”

On group of five beads, say a “Hail Mary” for each bead.

On the next divisional bead, pray an “Our Father”, and then recite, “Saint Joan of Arc, be with me in all my struggles. Like the strong men of Israel, experienced in warfare, who constantly carry the sword at their side, to guard against unforeseen attacks during the night, may I ever be prepared for the combat. Together with the protection of the angels and saints grant me also your own; inspire my endeavors; be my help and my light to guide me to Jesus, our Chief, and when my earthly mission is accomplished, may I expire like you, repeating with love, Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!’ – Saint Joan of Arc, pray for us!”

On group of five beads, say a “Hail Mary” for each bead.

Conclude the chaplet on the medal praying, “Pray for us, Saint Joan of Arc, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.”


About the Saint:

Given mystical visions of St. Michael, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret, Joan was told she was to be the savior of France and to go present herself to Charles, drive out France’s enemies and get him crowned as king.

She managed to convince Charles of her mission and was sent out with the army, marching into battle carrying the banner. While she never killed anyone in battle, and always deferred to the commands of the noblemen in charge, they in turn attributed many of the victories due to her advice which they accepted as Divinely inspired.

On two occasions she was wounded in battle – once taking an arrow to her shoulder/neck and at another time a crossbow bolt to the leg. In her last battle she was thrown from her horse and captured by the English.

Over the course of months she was put on trial that blatantly broke many laws of the time, and later many of those involved admitted that transcripts were altered and the truth was conveniently ignored when it suited them.  Eventually she was condemned to be burned at the stake in 1431.

Twenty years later, the Church opened a retrial to see if she was justly condemned, and in 1456 they declared her innocent. Even so it wasn’t until 1909 that she was beatified, and 1920 when she was declared a Saint.

To read more about her life, click here. The website has a really thorough and in depth writeup about her life!

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 1 in

Fidelity – green, Humility – blue, Martyrdom – red


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