About Me

Beauty. The intake of breath. The stillness.  The little giggle of joy. The endless repetition;  “wow. Wow. WOW. WOW!” The obsessive taking in of every detail. Remembering it forever. We all react to beauty in similar ways. It draws humanity together. A clear spring day, a flower, a mountain, a painting, sculpture, song, movie, person. Beauty is all around us.

Beauty is powerful.

It can raise our minds to our Creator. To go past the merely physical to the divine. To seek out the answers to the big questions.

Over the years, the physical beauty of a Church and Mass has fallen to the wayside. The buildings are simple, direct, without adornment – boxes that hold the most precious gift from God to man. The problem doesn’t just lie in the lack of action of “somebody” in the Church hierarchy to make our places of worship more beautiful, but in the failure of the laity to rise up, take a risk, to trust, and use their talents to bring the beauty we so desperately need.

So with a heart full of love, and my eyes on my Creator, I take one small step of trust and spread my art for the glorification of God.

I love painting Jesus in the Eucharist and Jesus hidden in the tabernacle. I love drawing His Saints and sharing their incredible stories, I love bringing faith into our homes with paintings that help elevate our minds and bring us to a state of constant mental prayer.

I am Monica Skrzypczak, based out of Rockford, Illinois. I primarily work in oil paint, and I have a huge devotion the the Blessed Mother and I craft rosaries that are strong and beautiful because of it.

Contact me if you have an idea for a commission or visit my store to purchase a print, rosary, or original work!