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Joyful Mysteries Rosary

I set out to create a rosary that embodies the Joyful Mysteries and stumbled upon the perfect beads. The sunny, almost glittering yellow of these jade beads speaks of joy and wonder, but just like the Joyful Mysteries, there is a sorrow wrapped among them – in the blood-red accent in each bead.

Three of Mary’s seven sorrows are the flight into Egypt, the prophecy of Simeon, and the loss of the Child Jesus for three days. Each are found in the joyful mysteries – one shortly after the nativity of Jesus, one at the presentation of Jesus in the temple, and the last one before the finding of Jesus in the temple. It always strikes me as the greatest mystery that these great sorrows of Mary would be folded into her greatest joys.

The Our Father beads are reminiscent of the earth and the simplicity of the hidden life of the Holy Family. They are adorned only with copper and white seed beads while the rest of the rosary is spaced with reflective gold beads that accent the natural shimmer fo the jade Hail Mary beads.

The center piece is a two-tone gold and silver Benedictine medal. If you don’t know about the St. Benedict medals you should go look up the history; it’s fascinating. Among other things, the medal is a symbol of protection against demons and temptation with the initials of the Latin exorcism inscribed around the outside – “Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself.” Every time you reach for this rosary, remind yourself of your dignity as children of Christ and of the power of prayer against spiritual attack.

To accent this center piece and the white and yellow-gold beads, the crucifix is also two-toned with gold and silver. It is 2-in tall.

At 15 inches long, with 8mm beads, this rosary is slightly shorter than your standard rosary with beads of comparable size. The rosary is assembled in what is called the Heirloom Quality style which means it is strung on 19-strand steel beading wire with crimping beads so it is super strong and will last a lifetime of use. While I do strength test every rosary, it is still a handmade piece and prone to human error. So, should it break, simply gather all the beads you can find and contact me and I’ll gladly repair it for you for free sans shipping and the replacement of major beads (if you loose the spacers, don’t even worry about it).

Like most of my rosaries, this one is made from stone beads; jade and agate as described above. Because of this, the rosary has a weight to it and retains the colder ambient temperature of a room, which helps you keep focus during prayer. And then as you pray, the rosary gets warm from your body heat!

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